What Is The Best Time For Fishing?

What Is The Best Time For Fishing

Fishing is a popular and the most widespread hobby all over the world. As soon as the ice begins to melt people start to look around for hobbies and their topmost favorite outdoor activity is “fishing.” But, as easy as it may seem, fishing is quite a tough job and is not that easy. That is where we need to learn, what is the best time for fishing?

There are several factors that affect the fishing season, fish species, and their migration patterns. Factors like weather, tide, and specific fish behaviors determine the fish availability in a specific waterbody.

Therefore, it is essential to keep all these factors in mind before going fishing. In this fast era where technology has occupied most of the dimensions in our lives, now anglers have several options to choose from, which provide an effective estimation of where to find the hotspots during the fishing season. Not only this now you can even estimate the best times for fishing even for freshwater fishing as well as saltwater fishing.

We all are aware of the fact that it is vital to understand that you must need fish at the right time of the year or else you would be sitting in the water along with your bait all day long. It does not matter how expensive equipment, boat, or bait you got if it’s bad timing, things are not going to work out. In fishing, there are a lot of factors that have to be kept in the mind to make your fishing session a successful one.

In this article, we are going to discuss, ways, factors, and how you can determine the best timing for fishing so you can catch a big one.

What Is The Best Time For Fishing?

Wondering about what’s the best time for fishing? Well! The most appropriate time to do fishing is when they are naturally active. A lot of factors like patterns of the sun and the moon, tides, and even weather influence their natural movements and activity. Take an example, a particular fish species is most active at the time of dawn and dusk which means you have to fish at those specific times. If you wish in the afternoon for that fish you won’t get anything.

What Is The Best Time For Fishing

Also, there are specific fish species that are most active at the time of full moon because of the tide activity, tides are generally higher due to the increased pull by the moon’s gravity.

Best Fishing Periods 101:

  1. One should fish before or after the one hour of high tides, and similarly one hour before and after the low tides. Low tides are generally the mid-way between high tides. When the moon is due south that means it corresponds to the high tides in the sea or ocean.
  2. At the “dawn also called as morning rise”, and hour after the sunrise and the “dawn also known as evening rise”. Fishing an hour before or after the sunset also increases the chance of catching more fish.
  3. It is also advisable to catch fish at “Sunrise”, and “Sunset.”
  4. When the barometer indicates the “low tides”, then it’s also a good time to go fishing. However, in the stormy seasons, the fish have to eat, thereby professional and skilled anglers can still catch fish by throwing the right bait.
  5. When there is the season of flies, a time when you can see a hatch of flies flying mostly the caddis and mayflies. You have to make yourself compatible with already available flies, or else you would have to go empty-handed.
  6. When you observe the breeze blowing from the west quarter instead of the north and east.
  7. Instead of the wind, you should look for static or rippled waters to catch something.

The most common mistake most of us do is that we go on fishing when we feel like it or when we have leisure time. Most of the time we ignore the fact that either we are going at the right fishing time or not. However, it is always wise to fish at the best fishing times if you aim to catch some fish.

Effect of fish finders and Temperature gauges on Fish Finding:

When the temperature is too hot, and the water is too warm there are very few chances for you to catch a fish because in such seasons fish become very lazy and inactive. The same thing applies to the winter season when the temperature of the water is too low. Why does it happen?

The reason behind this, all fishes are cold-blooded creatures which explain that they are unable to maintain their body temperature at a consistent level. So any changes in the external environment will automatically be affecting their body’s temperatures, processes, and functions.

Waters with too high and low temperatures affect the amount of oxygen available in the water, usually reducing the oxygen which makes it hard for the fish to breathe and operate properly. That is why in such seasons it is difficult for them to be active.

Hence they are very vigilant about their restricted movement and carefully determine when to eat. So what is the best time for fishing also depends primarily on the water temperature.

In order to have a more professional and quick experience, anglers also use temperature gauges and fish finders that can help them to know if fish are biting the bait. In this way, you can have quick, accurate, and current feedback on the water temperature as well as fish availability.

Is It Better To Fish In The Morning Or Evening?

As far as this question is concerned, it is best to fish in the late morning. The habits of the fish, their patterns, movement, as well as their activity, change a lot throughout the day. During the time of dawn (early morning), and the mid-afternoon, fishes tend to go deep down into the waters, in case of cool waters, and the ones with less to zero light.

They tend to go down to finding better meal options. As temperature increases, the surface water temperature also tends to rise, and hence fish come up to the surface providing the anglers with an opportunity to catch the fish easily.

A common rule of thumb is that to fish when there are hours of low sunlight, experts claim that those are the best hours for the anglers to catch fish. During the time of dawn (two hours before the sunrise), and sometime before the sunset (dusk).

During this timespan, the sunlight is reduced to very minimum intensity, and that is when the fishes are most active, productive, and show the most movement. As the light reduces the prey of the fish becomes active and so is the fish. Thereby increasing the chance for you to easily catch the fish.

Is It Good To Fish In The Rain?

Usually for the anglers rain is somewhat a discouraging factor, because it gets very difficult to fish in the rain. However, it does not mean that fishes are bothered by the rainwater. Instead, they show active movement at the time of rain too. Therefore, anglers usually do consider fishing in the case of light rain.

However, there are several other factors that demand consideration like familiarity with the area, speed and movement of tides, phases of the moon, the temperature of the water, and the most essential factor “The Weather.”

If you are not prepared and not dressed properly, fishing in the rain can prove the most miserable experience for you. On the other hand, if you have the right knowledge and have the proper equipment then you can make this rainy fishing memorable experience too.

Professional fishermen and anglers are aware that heavy showers in winter times are not going to bear any fruit when it comes to fishing. For example, when the tides are high, and there is a cold shower in the time of spring, the cold rain won’t give you anything and you will ultimately return home dampen and empty-handed.

On the other hand, in the summer season when the water level has dropped and you acknowledge a warm light shower then grab up your rod and equipment because it’s an excellent time to fish. Also, right after the rain shower, is a good time slot for fishing.

Do Fish Bite In The Middle Of The Day?

Fish usually tend to bite at most times of the day. It happens when they are looking for food, and are hungry. As soon as they find an acceptable meal, they tend to bite. If the fish is full, for instance, they have eaten at the early sunrise say at 7 am then they won’ bite your bait readily.

But, there are chances that still would bite. Fishes are intelligent creatures, and you will have to up your game accordingly. Surprise them with something different and they are definitely going to bite, no matter what time of the day it is.

Fishes are most active during the reduced light hours (dawn and dusk), and thereby they show the most movement during these hours. So if you fish at these hours, they will bite. However, for most anglers fishing at such hours is not a comfortable option due to low temperatures. Therefore, fishing in the afternoon when you have the right intensity of sunlight is a more safe option. It also gives you more time to fish as well.

Is Fishing Better At Night?

Yes! It is much easier and quicker to catch a fish in the nighttime. The major perk that comes with fishing at night is that the fishermen can easily grab the bigger ones because they are more active during the nighttime. If you don’t know, then you must acknowledge that huge fishes tend to hide in the daytime because they have the capability of sensing activity at the surface, and therefore they avoid getting to the surface.

One of the other reasons for night fishing is the “Quantity.” You can actually catch more fish at night. In the reduced light hours, there is fish activity but they can easily get past you, and there are high chances of missing them. However, at night you will have a lot of time to bring the lure and correct the fish with the right bait, and get more fish to the net. Do you want to know How To Fish At Night?

How Do You Catch Fish During The Day?

With the right method and equipment, you can catch huge quantities of fish in the middle of the day. Fish are not technical creatures, just like all other creatures on the earth they are also opportunity-seekers.

As soon as you deliver them a bait that is unique and different from the other available options, they will tend to readily bite at any hour. Furthermore, fishes are most readily available at this time window therefore you can have more opportunities to easily locate and target them.

When you go fishing in the day or in the middle of the day you will need to go at deeper trolling depths. Especially, when you are fishing in the middle of the lake which is mostly done by boat or kayak.

At deeper depths, try to use light-colored lures as they easily attract the fish in deep waters. Also, most of the time fishing depends on the type of species and time of the day. So you majorly have to look for the specific behavior patterns of the fish you are aiming to fish for.


So in a nutshell, the best time to catch a fish depends on a lot of factors majorly including the types of fish species, tides, weather, moon phases, and the time of the year as well.

However, the best time of the day for catching bass and other fish is during the early morning or right before sunrise, before sunset, or an hour before or after sunset. Why? Because these are the times when they are most active and show the most rapid movements.

Also, they show random appearances on the surface of the water. Therefore, increasing your chance to easily, quickly, and efficiently grab the fish. Also, at these times the prey is active too which makes the fish movement more obvious. If you fish with the currents you will find more opportunities to catch the fish using the live bait.

In summers, try to fish at night because these are the times when fish will come up to the surface after hiding in the depths during a hot sunny day.

In the end, do not be afraid to ask your local anglers who are experienced and have more knowledge. They will share with you their most successful stories which will provide you with a treasure of knowledge.

I have tried to cover all the essentials one needs to know about the best fishing time of the year, day, and month. Now it’s up to you to effectively utilize the information. Also, do not forget to consult your local bait shops, they also have great knowledge on types of different fish, and what type of bait is suitable for which fish.

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