What Fish Finders Are Compatible With Minn Kota Terrova?

What Fish Finders Are Compatible With Minn Kota Terrova

As we all know, fish finders are widely used for finding fish all over the world. Their major purpose is to locate fish, target specific fish species, find water depth, and study the bottom of the seabed. There are several finders that are upgraded by connecting with a motor. Here in this article, we are going to discuss, what fish finders are compatible with Minn Kota Terrova?

Fishfinders are the biggest aid when it comes to fishing. They provide you a great edge, and a unique competitive advantage when it comes to catching a big decent fish. But which ones are the best? OR what are the fish finders that are compatible with most of the motors?

The best mode to make your fishfinder connect or work effectively with a Minn Kota terrova is by using I-pilot equipment. Considering, your fish finder is having ethernet technology then there will be no issue with connecting your fishfinder to the Minn Kota Terrova via the I-pilot tool.

But, prior to connecting you should always make sure that the specific brand you aim to buy is compatible with the motor aka Minn Kota terrova. Because there are some brands available in the market that are not compatible with it. The prospect brand must meet the requirements or else the connection won’t be made between the fish finder and the motor.

There are a few cases in which brands have fishfinders that are compatible with Minn Kota terrova but they need to be operated at a specific frequency. It’s easy for you to identify the motors that operate at a specific frequency but what if your finder is unable to operate at that frequency? Well! In that case, you will need to purchase an adapter cable that created compatibility between the motor and the fish finder.

What Fish Finders Are Compatible With Minn Kota Terrova?

“Though there are certain fish finders that are compatible with Minn Kota trolling motors. There are some names that are generally used and are worth mentioning. These are Lowrance, Garmin, Humminbird, and Eagle fish finders.”

Don’t worry if you have any fishfinder other than these, do not reach the conclusion that fish finders other than these won’t work with Minn Kota motors.

It means that there are several fish finders that are not exclusively tested with Minn Kota motors, and you can do by on your own to see if those devices are compatible with Minn Kota motors or not.

What Fish Finders Are Compatible With Minn Kota Terrova

Does Minn Kota Terrova Work With Lowrance?

Affirmative! Lowrance fish finders are fully compatible with the Minn Kota Terrova motors. The most ideal way to connect a Lowrance fishfinder with the motor is by using a Universal Sonar 2 also known as US2.

What’s a Universal Sonar 2 or US2? It’s an adapter plug that either comes with the finder or you can also buy it separately and install it on your Minn Kota terrova motors. This adapter cable allows the anglers to have a robust and effective connection between the fish finder and the motor.

In addition to this, the adapter cable is also a waterproof shell and is quite robust. It means that this cable reduces any chances of connection breakage and any other issues. Considering a Minn Kota terrova motor for a Lowrance fish finder is an excellent option or choice.

Because it allows the easiest connection between the motor and the fish finder. It is also beautifully designed and thereby its structural excellence won’t let you worry about any loose wirings and poor connections.

Is Garmin Compatible With Minn Kota?

Garmin fish finders are an option for the Minn Kota terrova motors but there is an exception with them. They only work with this motor at a specific given frequency. Even some of the Minn Kota terrova motors come with handy transducers that allow them to operate at specific frequencies. Even then a Garmin fishfinder won’t work with it, and hence they may end up being incompatible with Minn Kota terrova motors.

For this specific case, you will need to look or buy a Minn Kota Adapter cable. You can easily select your device and see what adapter cable will make your Garmin fishfinder compatible with the motor.

Almost four types of Garmin devices can be connected to this trolling motor. The major difference among most of them is the number of pins each model possesses. Most of the Garmin devices that are used for fish finding usually have four, six, eight, and twelve pins. You can find devices that are compatible with the Minn Kotta Terrova motor on their official website. They have also mentioned the wires and specific adapter cables that you need to buy for specific Garmin fish finders

Do All Minn Kota Terrova Have Spot Locks?

Almost all Minn Kota Terrova motors come with spot locks. There are multiple Minn Kota that come with spot-locks like Minn Kota Ultrex, and Minn Kota Riptide Terrova. Spot-locks are also known as GPS virtual anchoring.

Using a spot lock can be beneficial for several purposes, for instance, it keeps your boat in balance or at a place no matter how strong the water current is, or how strong is the direction of the air. It means with spot locks you can prevent drifting.

With these spot locks, the fishing has become like one button away. How? Using spot locks fishing is much easier and more enjoyable because you can easily and quickly direct your boat to the target fish or location.

These trolling motors come with a heading sensor that is moveable. You can move them by using your jog up to five feet in any direction. You can also activate your spot lock using your fishfinder or I-pilot remote.

Does The Minn Kota Terrova Have A Built-In Transducer?

Yes, most of the Minn Kota terrova models come with built-in transducers that are also known as Universal Sonar transducers. But, they do not support functions like temperature and speed.

On the other hand, the upcoming models that are equipped with Universal Sonar 2 have the capability to sense temperature and speed with their built-in array of speed and temperature sensors. You can check for the models to which fish finders are compatible with these technologies.

In current Minn Kota Terrova motors, there are two types of transducers. A standard one, with the abilities of a 2D sonar, and the second one, called MDI which provides the features of Down Imaging as well as the 2D sonar abilities.

The current motors do not have the capability to perform Side Imaging. To achieve the benefits of side imaging, you will have to connect another transducer to the rear end of the motor, or you can also consider a transom mount transducer.

Does The Terrova Have Down Imaging?

Currently, there are several models of Minn Kotta Terrova that are providing the motors that have the additional features of down imaging as well as the 2D sonar. Currently, there are Minn Kota Terrova motor models available like Ultrex, Terrova, Ulterra, and Fortrex motors that have built-in down imaging.

According to the company, the Humminbird Mega Transducer can be now integrated into the trolling motors of Minn Kota Terrova, in order to provide a neat set up at the bow for the fishermen and the anglers. Minn Kota terrova motors have incorporated the latest down imaging technology into their motors called “Humminbird’s Mega imaging Ultra-clear.”

This down imaging technology is the pioneer to enter the Mega Hz range and can perform at least three times better than the traditional down imaging frequency, which usually ranges from four hundred and fifty to four hundred and fifty-five kHz. The results are remarkable and you will get the results with the clearest and sharp images.

Does Minn Kota Terrova Have Side Imaging?

Previously the company was not making any motors with side imaging features, But now, Minn Kota has come up with several models that are equipped with features of side imaging like the Minn Kota Ultrex, and the Ulterra. These trolling motors have the latest side imaging technology that permits the anglers to see the most defined, and high-definition HQ images of the structures, and fish present under the water in real-time.

Does the Terrova Have Down Imaging

With the added side imaging feature you can see either on the left or right side of the boat in addition to watching what’s directly under the boat. New models of the trolling motors like Ultrex and the Ulterra are also equipped with i-pilot in addition to having built-in side imaging. This makes them capable to work in a “One boat network system.”

Do you know What Is Side Imaging On A Fishfinder?

Trolling motors with the modern side imaging transducers are capable of working with MEGA imaging finders like Hummingbird fish finder. Anglers using MEGA imaging plus will get twenty percent clearer images than those who are using only MEGA imaging.

How Does Minn Kota Terrova Work?

Minn Kota terrova motors and its patented auto-pilot system always keep your boat in the right direction no matter how strong the sea waves are, and how violent are the sea winds. These motors automatically steer and adjust your boats in the right direction, and they do that consistently without compromising on the balance.

The auto-pilot system in these motors is equipped with a highly lavish compass system (patented), that relies on “artificial intelligence” to guide your boat. This compass will fix or lock destinations and then automatically define the best routes to reach that specific destination, and so will keep your boat in that direction persistently.

The auto-pilot function in the Minn Kota Terrova provides these benefits:

  • Anglers can easily focus or concentrate on fishing rather than operating or steering the boat.
  • With this motor, the traditional maneuvering time of the boat is reduced mostly by a figure of ⅗.

Is Minn Kota Good?

Minn Kota terrova up till now is one of the best motors for your fish finders. These motors can operate at the thrust of one hundred and twelve pounds, and thus are one of the best trolling motors in the market.

Out of their several models, Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Transom Mount Trolling Motor is one of their best, it provides power in a very adequate and neat manner and is perfect for the anglers who do not like to involve themselves too much in the motors.

The maximum runtime of this motor is almost five hours, which is maximum among the other motors in the market. But ideally, no one runs a motor for straight consistent five hours. Also, the run time depends on several factors like temperature, and the life and quality of the battery as well.


In this article, I have covered all aspects related to Minn Kota Terrova motors and fish finders like, Which fish finders are compatible with these trolling motors or not? What would you be needing to make your fish finders compatible with the Minn Kota motors?

I have also explained to you which Minn Kota models come up with down imaging and side imaging. I hope now you can make an easy decision when it comes to investing in a Minn Kota Terrova trolling motor. In addition to this, you can also check the Minn Kota official website to gain more in-depth knowledge about the compatibility of the finders.

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